Choose the market of which betfair API is required

Finalise your rent with respect to your Betfair API requirements.


Pay the rent in advance for Betfair API and we will give you API on your particular I.P.

Implement the Betfair API on your system

To implement Betfair API you need to first read the document on betfair site which will help to implement the Betfair API on your system.

Our Products

Sports Betting API Solutions

Betfair API

We provide Live Betfair API which allows any exchange to show betfair odds on their website.

bet365 API

We provide Live bet365 API which allows any exchange to show odds on their website.

Live T.V

In Live T.P API we provide live streaming of all sports


The Sportsbook service gives you advance and impressive Betting feature of the bet made on sports betting game.

Live Score

The Live score API Solution is stipulate the current live game score by the Live Score API services.

Live Odds

This feature is based on a payout where you can create new betting market solutions to change the participant winning way.

All Sports event

Our API betting services allow Cricket Betting, Soccer, tennis, horseracing, Dog Racing betting etc similar to betfair and Bet365 API.

Indian Fancy Api

The Indian Fancy gambling API solution is multi functionality and User-friendly which is compatible with web and mobile Application based.

live commentary

You can take enjoy of every sports betting game commentary with each sports bet to increase or stop your bet.

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